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I will do bulk typography t shirt design for your print on demand platforms

Personalize Your Wholesale Custom T-shirts

Are you Looking for a wholesale t-shirt design? I provide custom design t-shirts at an affordable price, without any hassles.

What is T-Shirt Design?

T-shirt design is a popular art witch is the best way to add a personal, creative touch to a t-shirt. This is One of the most recognized types of art all over the world. There are many options for designs on t-shirts. A design can have images or pictures, words, original art, or even logos or slogans.

How Can I Make a Good Design for a Tee?

Some are the best parts of t-shirt designing is that anyone can do it! I have rounded up the highlights for a designer.

1. Make sure your image files are of high quality. This is one of the most common parts I see with t-shirt designs, and the image quality of your art can make the best design for your final product. I recommend to you which images are used to tees that are 300 dpi or higher at full size. Vector files (PDF, EPS, AI, or SVG file types) are also friendly design.

2. Focus on your fonts.  For t-shirts font is the most and most common and must need things to design a lovely t-shirt. How your message looks are just as important as the words you use. No pressure, right? So carefully consider the font you want to use and how it might add or detract from what you're trying to say on your shirt.

3. Print Location.  A mistake we often see with design placement is what one of our designers calls a "belly print." Belly prints happen when the placement for a standard center front design is too low…and the design ends up (you guessed it!) somewhere closer to your belly area, rather than the center chest where it should be.

Want to leave the design to the pros? My Art Team is also able to collaborate with you to create a professional, quality design. Give us an email us at sssabdullah69@gmail.com or order to bulk t-shirt design offer to start working with our Art Department.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing these stuff. i had previously purchased bulk t shirts
    from here on discounted rates. They had almost all big brands and they also provides customization. Well once again thanks for sharing!!


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